Question regarding a ruling at your table? Need a rules clarification or to understand when to call the director?  
Ask our expert, Jared Boulds in the comment section below!
Here’s a question from Doug and Sherry Cain to start us off:
Under what conditions can a bidding error be corrected?  At a tournament some time ago, N opens the bidding. Sherry, sitting E, bid but pulled the wrong bid card by mistake. Sherry announces her error as quickly as possible but S had just made their bid. Director was called and ruled the bid could not be changed because S had got their bid on the table. Now fast forward to a recent club game.  Same situation occurred. Director ruled since W had not bid that E’s mechanical error could be corrected.  Which is correct?


About Jared Boulds

Jared Boulds joined the ACBL in 2012 and quickly rose through the ranks to become one of Southern Arizona’s top players. He is a sought-after director and instructor and has been designated as the Director in Charge for the Tucson 499’er Silver Sectional. Jared is currently a graduate student at the University of Arizona and is the Unit 356 treasurer. Jared is a Gold Life Master.